A Commercial Clean Customers Will Notice

Your business is everything to you. You want to impress everyone who walks in and make a lasting first impression to improve your bottom line.

How can you do that if your carpets and upholstery look worn, drab, grey, or distressed? The short answer is “you can’t.”

But there is hope! When you work with Great Bay Carpet & Upholstery, you can get the deepest levels of clean possible for your commercial interior. Our commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning services work for wide variety of businesses, from the smallest mom-and-pops to the largest office buildings and retail stores!

The difference is our dedication to preserving and restoring your entire interior. Where other companies simply address one or two aspects of your commercial space, we provide a thorough inspection of your entire commercial space, give you guidance on what needs restoration, and take steps to revitalize everything to better than brand new!

Our technicians have been working with Granite State businesses since the beginning. We know what you expect, and we work hard to deliver on our promise of unbeatable carpet and upholstery cleaning services, every day.

Great Bay Carpet & Upholstery works with local businesses such as:

  • Churches/Synagogues/Houses of Worship
  • Offices
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Hotels & Motels
  • Yachts/Boats/Planes/Vehicles
  • Movie Theaters
  • Restaurants
  • Car Dealerships
  • Retail Stores
  • Schools
  • And mobile homes

Business Hours

8 a.m. –  5 p.m.

8 a.m. –  5 p.m.

8 a.m. –  5 p.m.

8 a.m. –  5 p.m.

8 a.m. –  5 p.m.